Beginner Voice Over Workshop

February 10, 2011
By admin

Beginner Voice Over Workshop – Learn from the Best

Voice Over Job

Voice Over Workshop

You’ve decided to check into this whole voice over thing,right Great The first lesson is Know Your Teachers Sure there are other instructors holding workshops, but what have they booked recently If your instructor isn’t currently booking big jobs, HOW can they teach YOU to book the big jobs Our clients for the start of 2011 include Pizza Hut, Funimation, IVONA, LG Electronics, Borders Books, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Wishlist, Book Brewer, Levi s, Plato s Closet, Boone County National Bank and many more

September Day – 404-488-4199

Bob Carter – 678-493-5999

This workshop will be on Saturday, February 12th from 10AM-4PM at

Creative Studios of Atlanta

Suite F8 Learning Annex

500 Bishop Street Northwest

Atlanta, GA 30318-4366

404 355-4588

Cost is only 150 for the entire day AND you will receive a FREE trial premium membership to Voice123, one of the top voice over auditioning sites, just for attending our workshop. Voice123 is where we have booked MANY big jobs including MTV, VH-1, Benelli, Build-A-Bear, Warner Brothers, and American Airlines

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One Response to Beginner Voice Over Workshop

  1. Woody Talley on July 19, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    I am interested in exploring voice over work, but don’t know how to get started or where or who to talk to. I was a music major in college with extesive vocal training. I know about vocal placement, projection, prnounciation, and inflection from a voice student stance. I have given orations, and speaches which I rehearsed by recording myself, and practicing in front of a mirror. This was all just for local functions. Never have done radio or television spots. If this sounds like anything worth persuing from your stand point or from mine, please get in touch with me. Phone # furnished on request.

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